Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shattered Horizon Patch Released

Shattered Horizon was an original space combat first person shooter that was developed by the creators of 3D Mark benchmarks, Futuremark. Sadly, it didn’t appeal to most PC gamers but the company is still supporting it. An update for it is now available that adds the Last Stand pack, a free expansion that includes single player, online co-op and a new game mode. The game will auto-update itself the next time you run it!

• Play all game types in single player mode with bots.
• Choose the number of bots and set the difficulty level, play for fun or challenge yourself to improve.
• Play the new Last Stand game mode which pits a team of four against waves of increasingly difficult bot enemies.
• Last Stand can be played with bots on your team in single player, or with friends in online co-op.

• Server hosts can optionally add and configure bots for multiplayer games.
• Bots will leave a game to make room for real players, and rejoin to make up team numbers.

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