About us


Latest Game Zone blog is a publication of Directions Latest News and Latest Games . Latest Game Zone is a news and opinion source on Game. We offer news  and latest Game from a variety of sources along with our comments. 
Our goal is to find Latest Games of interest quickly and spread the word. Many online and print publications as well as geobloggers find source material here. We strive to cite all our sources and invite others to cite us in return.

Who writes this blog?

The Latest Game Zone contributors include the staff of Directions Media:
  • Bharat Raiya, Executive Editor, Chief Blogger

How often do you update the blog? 
Our goal is to update PC GAMES in market, sometimes we’ll skip a day.

Where does the news come from?
We watch other blogs, the news wires, Twitter and other social media for interesting tidbits regarding the geospatial game industry. We also attend conferences and press events. Some of the best leads come from our readers. If you have a lead, e-mail us at mca.bharat.raiya@gmail.com.

Can I pitch a story for the blog? Or offer a guest post?
Sure, just do some homework first to be sure it fits within the topics we cover. Then e-mail us at mca.bharat.raiya@gmail.com.

Why do I have to key in number and letters to post a comment?
Unfortunately, leaving the door open for everyone to post comments has lead to abuse. This is a simple way to confirm you are really interested in leaving a comment.

This is a busy site. Can I advertise here?
Certainly. Read up on our offerings  contact mca.bharat.raiya@gmail.com