Thursday, February 3, 2011

Star Trek Online - One Year Old Goodies

Atari and Cryptic studios are celebrating the one-year anniversary of the launch of their Star Trek Online game by releasing a new Feature Episode Series, continuing to discount C-store offers and Lifetime Subscriptions by 20 percent and hosting special in-game events.

Especially for the game's anniversary, Cryptic and Atari are discounting Lifetime Subscriptions to Star Trek Online by 20 percent. The discount guarantees users perpetual access to Star Trek Online’s universe for £153.99 (excl.VAT). The special promotion ends February 4, 2011.

Players can also get to know the development team behind the game as they will make appearances withing the game from Feb 2nd bearing challenges of trivia - so be prepared your knowledge could well be rewarded!

The Feature Episode Series, 'Cloaked Intentions', centers on the Romulan Star Empire and charges players with preventing a civil war between differing factions inside the Empire. The five-episode series also introduces a new ship type and continues Star Trek Online's story beyond 2409. The first Episode is set to debut February 5.

Taking place in the year 2409, Star Trek Online boasts extraordinary features and lets fans both new and old experience unparalleled adventures. Players have the opportunity to become high-ranking Starfleet officers and participate in missions that take them into the depths of space, across exotic planets and inside other starships. Star Trek Online offers total customization, from a player's avatar to the ship he captains.


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