Saturday, March 19, 2011

Homefront: Review round-up

The vast majority of the world's Homefront review scores are now in - and make for interesting reading material.

Alongside CVG's 8.6/10 review, UK mags PSM3 and Xbox World 360 both scored the game in the 80s.

Meanwhile, Official Xbox Magazine US gave the game an impressive 8/10, celebrating the title's "polished, engaging multiplayer modes".

PC Gamer went for a 79% score, whilst UK lads' mag Zoo plumped for the highest rating of any major UK outlet - although its praise-filled 9/10 verdict was matched by Official PlayStation Magazine Italy.

But it wasn't all such good news for Kaos and THQ. Destructoid and Joystiq both offered a 5/10 score. The latter complained that one good story moment was a "tiny narrative ember in a big dark cave of missed opportunity". Ouch.

7/10 was a popular score from some major outlets - including GamesRadar, OXM UK, Gamespot, Game Informer, IGN and VideoGamer.

Some bright spots for THQ came with Ripten's 8.5/10 and two 8/10s from GamePro and EuroGamer Spain - although the latter's UK cousin gave the game a less positive 6/10.

THQ announced on Wednesday that Homefront had sold 375,000 copies on its first day on sale in the US. The FPS hit European shelves for 360, PS3 and PC this morning.

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