Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fool's 2011: Rock of Ages gets free 2D game, Pebble of Time

ACE Team's upcoming downloadable action-strategy game Rock of Ages is still one of the most original looking games we have seen in a while. But the game's publisher Atlus USA is giving fans an extra special April Fools's treat; a free game that gives a 2D perspective on things.

The free game, Pebble of Time, is set up on a web site made to look like it's the product of just one person, an indie game developer who complains that ACE Team stole his idea for the game to make Rock of Ages. He (or rather the site) states, "II was really hoping the success of Pebble of Time could afford me some like, eye transplant, or cyborg eyes, which would be cooler. Or could it be that visor the guy has on Star Trek." It always comes back to Trek.
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