Tuesday, March 29, 2011

War Inc Battle Zone Closed Beta Giveaway at Big Download

Last week we posted up an interview with the COO of Online Warmongers as we chatted about its upcoming free-to-play shooter War Inc Battle Zone. The game is entering its new closed beta testing period in preparation for its launch this summer. Today Big Download is offering its readers a chance to play in the closed beta test.

This beta test is being handled a bit differently than others we have reported on. Online Warmongers has spots for a whopping 5,000 of our readers. However the closed beta code for the game is the same one for all of those spots so there's no real need for us to actually email the code to each individual reader. Basically you can head over after the jump and follow the directions to get the code and access the closed beta test. Once all 5,000 spots are filled we will update the post accordingly.

Congratulations! Welcome to the closed beta test of The War Inc. Battlezone

As a participant in our beta test, you'll have the chance to experience our new Free to Play third person shooter before it is released to the public. We're looking for your feedback as well as your game play experience; including team vs. team multi-player maps, purchasable items and more. As well as playing the game, we would also appreciate it if you will report any bugs you may find during the closed beta. Bugs can be reported to us via the support form available only for registered users.

Getting started

1. Create an account
- Goto https://account.thewarinc.com
- Enter your desired username, password and email address.

Your Invite Code: 111U-YG5H-KGGK-MCAJ

2. Install and run game: Once logged in to your account on the "War Inc. Battlezone" website, you can run the game directly by clicking the "PLAY GAME" button or download and install game manually.

- To automatically run game from web page:
- click "PLAY GAME" button
- You will be asked to install web control which will launch the game for you. Please follow the instructions on the screen - they are specific to your web browser
- Installer launched - depending on your internet connection speed.
- After you've installed game and web control you'll be able launch game directly from War Inc web site and you can skip login screen by going directly thru the home menu in a game!
- To download and launch installer manually
- Please follow this link https://account.thewarinc.com/download
- Save and/or run this installer/updater to a folder of your choice, such as "C:\War Inc Battlezone" or anything else you wish to download it to.
- Double click on the WarIncBattlezone_Installer.exe and follow the steps to install the game. (If necessary, click the Install Direct X checkbox to install Direct X.) Installing and accepting the EULA binds you under our Non-Disclosure Agreement so make sure you keep information about this game private.
- Run the game via the Start Menu or by clicking War Inc: Battlezone game icon desktop, accept the EULA, then on the login screen, and log in by using your Username and Password that you created in Step 1.

3. Invite your Friends!

Please remember, to participate in this Closed Beta, you must have been invited by Arktos Entertainment Group or it's Participating Partners. As War Inc Battlezone is a social game and we want all of our players to share and play with their friends, we have decided to let you invite 5 of your friends to access Closed Beta and play with you. We also encourage you to invite friends by offering you REWARDS that are based on how involved your friends will be in a game.

Friends Actions How much GP you'll receive

Friend accepted invite and registered new account using valid unique e-mail address 500GP

Friend played game and reached Level 5 in a game 500GP

Friend played game and reached Level 10 in a game 1000GP

Friend bought GP or Premium Account in a webstore (link to store page ) 2500GP

To invite your friends to play War Inc Battlezone login into Account Management website at https://account.thewarinc.com and press big "INVITE FRIENDS" button on your STATS page (home page for Account Management website ).

Sending us feedback
Should you have any issues while playing the game, you can visit http://support.thewarinc.com to check if there's any solution to your particular problem or report new issue. You must be logged in to Account Management website to be able access this page.

If you experience any issues installing the beta client, or if you have problems connecting to our servers, please contact our technical support either by posting to http://support.thewarinc.com or by email at support@thewarinc.com. Again, we ask you to please remember that this is a beta and not everything will be running perfectly. Should you have any in-game bugs, issues or comments please post them on our forums to help us better your, and others, gameplay experience.
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