Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Turok II is one of my personal favorite first person shooting games. This game is full of new weapons, many puzzles and mazes to solve. This game is extremely difficult and challenging, especially in the begining when you start out without cheats and just have a knife and a bow.

Of course, sometimes it’s fun to dominate the game without spending a lot of time which is where video game cheats comes into play. For the most part though, the cheats, “mainly the master cheat” (oblivionisathand) ruins the game and turns it into just a shooting game which is fun if you’re in the mood for shooting but it’s really not much of a challenge. This problem with this particular cheat is that it gives you EVERYTHING including ALL WEAPONS, UNLIMITED AMMO, ALL LEVELS, INVINCIBILITY, and ALL SPECIAL ITEMS and a variety of visual and weapon effects. This makes you careless and you don’t have to search for the keys, keycards, hidden levers, new weapons, ammo, health packs, Turok Tokens “they give you extra lives”, or the oracle transporters. This cuts out 95% of the game. The reason I think no one should use this cheat is because I used it and didn’t do anything in the game for years except kill monsters. I didn’t solve any puzzles, mazes, or levels because I always had the cheat. However my buddy bet me I couldn’t get past the third level without cheats. Well, I’m always up for a bet so I gave it a shot. Man if your up for a good challange that is very rewarding Turok II is for you. It took me almost 3 weeks to beat the game. For a gamer like me, puzzle and strategy games don’t take me more than a week. Turok II impressed me and that is why I am writing about it now. This game is on Nintindo 64 and is worth a try for anyone who likes a challenge.

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