Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Nvidia GeForce beta drivers boost Dragon Age 2 PC performance

If you have been playing the PC version of Dragon Age 2 and have wanted the performance to be better, then you might want to pay attention to this. Graphics chip maker Nvidia has released some new GeForce beta drivers that, among other things, greatly increases the performance of BioWare's recent fantasy RPG.

The 270.51 drivers increase perfomance for that game by up to 516 percent with a GeForce GTX 580 graphics card and up to 461 percent with a GeForce GTX 560 Ti graphics card. Many other PC games also get performance boosts with this driver update. It also includes the first appearance of Nvidia Update, a new and optional program that automatically scans your PC to see if you need a new driver update and then letting you know if a driver is available for download.
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