Sunday, March 20, 2011

More changes in membership for PC Gaming Alliance

A few weeks ago, Big Download was the first to report that two founding members of the PC Gaming Alliance, Microsoft and Nvidia, had departed the non-profit organization. Now it seems that another founding member is reducing its involvment in the PCGA and yet another member has left entirely.

According to the PCGA's members web page, founding member Dell is now listed as a "Contributing" member of the organization rather than its previous role in the higher tier "Promoters" member level. Furthermore another PCGA Promoter member, Sony DADC (who among other products handles the SecuROM DRM programs that are used in a number of PC games) has apparently left the organization entirely.

This leaves just founding members Epic Games and Intel as Promoter members of the PCGA along with Razer and Capcom who joined after the organization was founded in 2008.
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