Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Test Drive Unlimited 2 developer diary

Cenega company sent in to us before when the first developer's diary, which is devoted to the game, Test Drive Unlimited 2nd The video footage reveals the scenes production and the world that they want to give producers.

Test Drive Unlimited 2
We already know a lot because on some issues, you'll see a repeat of the previous news. However, you'll be interested to a large number of interesting points about social games. Enjoy.

It is worth recalling that, in Test Drive Unlimited 2 will be two islands. Ibiza and Oahu. The first will be basic, and another unlock after reaching an appropriate level in the game. The island of Oahu has been properly designed, and to reach it you will need to use the airport. Besides, it was confirmed that the rain was washing will be dirt and mud from vehicles, the weather changed from sunny to thunderstorms, and even the storm and the possibility to walk around their homes. The game will see the Lancia Delta Integrale car. Will also be implemented with the new physics of cars and a new menu to the left shows the overall progress and information on the profile, and on the right side displays the details of what has been done, etc..

TDU 2 will be primarily focused on having fun online. The title is in fact determined by the manufacturer, as a MOOR (Massively Open Online Racing). This means that at any moment we can get going through the network. The company points out, however, that there is no need to pay additional fees for on-line game, because it will be an integral part of this title.

Eden Studios also betrayed that Test Drive Unlimited 2 will have a beta version, but unfortunately, no one knows when it appears. The manufacturer gave no as to whether it will be for all platforms, or only for the elect.


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