Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Freeplay Pick: Starfare, a space-based RTS

Well this is a treat. Typically, for our free play pick series we usually find and play free platformers or puzzlers. To be honest, I always just assumed that games not of those varieties were too complex and difficult to make to just give away for nothing. But I guess, there’s an exception to every rule and Starfare seems to be one of the best free-to-play RTS games I’ve seen yet.

Starfare is, unsurprisingly based in space. You control an empire of resource loving people. The game focuses almost entirely around needing to capture and harvest asteroids which contain the valuable resources you and your enemy require to continue to make bigger and better ships. Of course, the unique angle here is that the asteroids aren’t always static, i.e. they move around.

Additionally, the game comes with 12 missions and a unique storyline as well as tools that allow for players to create their own levels should they desire.

For any fan of the RTS genre this seems like a really good pick up, especially considering that new RTS games are getting quite rare these days.

Download via the link.


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